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Related article: oldest family harrier packs in England. The Cotley Hunt was founded by the grandfather of the present master, Mr. T. Deane, of Cotley (sometimes erroneously spelt Cot- leigh), in the year 1797. Where Mr. Deane procured his hounds in the first instance is not known, as the old books and papers re- lating to the kennels have been lost ; one thing is certain, namely, that they were old English har- riers, and had a great reputation for a long term of years. In those early days they ran fox pretty frequently as well as hare. They were at their zenith in 1832 or 1833, when hydrophobia broke out and compelled Mr. Deane to destroy the whole pack. Only one hound escaped ; this was a bitch named Countess, which, by good fortune^ happened at the time to be in the custody of Mr. W. K. Eames, the Voltaren Tablets 50mg father of the present master. Friends came to the rescue of Mr. Deane when this misfortune befell 338 BAILV'S UACAZINB. him and the followers of his har- riers. Mr. William Forward, of Chard, presented him with the pack that had belonged to his lately deceased brother, the Rev. E. C. Forward, of Axminster, and he also had Voltaren 50mg Tablets some from Mr. Sampson, of Colyfon. The Rev. Harry Farr Yeatnian, .who had founded the Blackmore Vale Hunt [Mat Thb LATt M». T. I in 1831, when he changed from old harrier to dwarf foxhound in 1843 or 1844, gave Mr. Deane three dog hounds. Gallant, Vil- lager and Dashwood, of Froude's blood, Mr. Deane bred largely from Countess, the sole survivor of his lost pack, and so kept the strain, which still remains In the kennels. Mr. Froude's harriers were famous in the West Country. The Rev. John Russel says of the Vicar of Knowstone's hounds : " they were something out of the common, bred from the old stag- hounds, light in their colour and sharp as needles, plenty of tongue and could drive like furies." Mr. Forward's hounds were evidently a good lot too. There is record of a run which took place in April, 1837, soon after the pack had been established in their new quarters. They found a. fox in a plantation near Bealy Down, and getting Voltaren Emulgel Uk him away ran him for an hour and forty minutes without a check, and without once having to be turned from the hares which were very numerous. The pace was a cracker through- out ; the distance is not recorded, but the line look hounds through eight parishes situated in the three counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorsetshire. Hounds Buy Voltaren Gel Online were at his brush when he went to Voltaren Gel Uk ground. Mr, Eames possesses an inter- esting relic of the hunt in his grandfather's day in the shape of the card of the Cotley Hunt Races held on June 12th, 1839; there were five events, a hurdle race, a sweepstakes, a race for Galloways 14 hands and under, the Yeomanry Cup and race for ponies 13 hands Voltaren Emulgel 120g and under. The meeting was exceedingly popular in the neigh- bourhood, and was an annual fixture for some years. Mr. C. P. R. Pullman, in his "Rustic Sketches," says, in introducing some lines on " Cotley Races," that the poet is endeavouring to immortalise the meeting of 1841. The last races were held in 1845. A glance over the card shows that, while the entries for the horse-races in 00 case exceed four, there were seven entries for the Galloway race and five for the pony event. >9oi.] TWO Voltaren Emulgel Usa OLD PAUILV PACKS OF HARRIRRS. 3=9 Mr. Deane is well entitled to place among the Nestors of hunt- ing history; he maintained har- riers from 1797 to 1855, a master- ship of fifty-eight years. On his death in 1855 the pack was taken over by his son, Mr. " Tom " Deane, and Mr. Tom Palmer Eames, respectively uncle and elder brother of Mr, Edward Eames. For some Voltaren 1 Topical Gel years this joint mastership continued, and then Mr. T. P. Eames carried on the office alone. He hunted hare al- most exclusively, but occasionally ran a fox at the close Voltaren Gel Over The Counter of the season. Mr. T. P. Eames de- voted great attention to breed- ing. From memoranda in his old kennel-book, it appears that on Saturday, July Voltaren Gel 100g 13th, 1861, he went over to Tiverton and ex- changed hounds with Mr. Aniory (now Sir John Heathcoat Amory). " Gave him Guilty for Roadster, a dog hound bought by him at the late Mr, Yelverton's sale." Then follows Roadster's pedigree, which shows that he traced back to Mr. Froude's Ploughboy by Guilty. A bitch from which Mr. T. P. Eames, and Mr. E. Eames after him, bred largely was Melody ; she was given the former gentleman by Mr. I. Pinsent Matthew, of Rydon, Otlery St. Mary, when he gave up his pack. Melody could boast the best blood in the West of England, having, among others, that of the Tremlett Radical, Mr. Tom Westlake's Random, Mr. Robert Cross's Gay- man and Mr. Froude's Galloper. Mr. Robert Cross's Gayman was by Mr. Bellew's Gayman, who traced back to Marquis, one of the best hounds ever bred. Another distinguished ancestor of hounds in the Cotley pack was Curltail Racer. Curltail Racer was bred by Mr. Robert Cross and traced back to " Parson " Froude's Finisher ; he was given by Mr. Cross td the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, from whom Mr. T. P. Eames received him. Thus it will be seen that the old Devonshire blood is strong in the Cotlej' kennel. The influence of Curltail Racer remains in evidence to the present day, for hounds are still got with the curl of the tail which procured their ancestor his name. F. Higgim and Ssn. Chard, phttf.X Mr. T. Deane. Mr. Eames has one such houpd now. Frantic by name. It is hardly surprising that Mr. T. P. Eames should have confined himself almost Voltaren 75mg Tablets entirely to hares ;